Planet Types

Planets are aranged in to seven main types, each type defining the planets characteristics such as size, resources and habitability.







Gas Giant

Molten worlds are hot, volatile and generally smaller than most other worlds yet are highly sought after for there rich and valuable materials. Molten worlds thus make ideal industrial centres easily compensating for there small size and dangerous conditions with abundant resources.

Best suited as Industrial outposts producing a far grater percentage of the galaxy’s raw resources than other world types while being somewhat less common. Molten worlds are generally the smallest variety of planet found in the galaxy ranging in size from just one quarter of an Earth Unit (Eu) to just over one Earth Unit (Eu).

These worlds are completely in hospitable to non-Terran without extensive technological support and lack the mass to host even orbital colonies of any real size. Despite its size limitations and deadly environment molten worlds are the fuel that drives the galaxies greatest empires.

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