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Galactic Strategy | Tactics | Action

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Release Date 21-Mar-2019

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About Terran

Terran blends grand strategy (4X), real time strategy (RTS) and 3rd person action (3PS) gameplay elements in an empire building conquest game set in the distant future. Take command and form a new Armada, Corporation or Government organization each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Claim star systems and build space stations to link you growing empire as you spread your influence across the galaxy. Muster massive fleets of the most powerful warships the stars have ever seen and rise to become the dominant force in the galaxy.


In Terran you will grow your new organization through scientific, economic and industrial influence unlocking greater potential for growth and power as your organization advances. In combat you will issue orders to your battlegroups and can even take direct control of warships personaly piloting your fleet to victory.